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Identification: Adult Indian meal moths have a wingspan of about 3/4". The front wings are tan on the front third and a reddish brown with a coppery luster on the back. Almost appearing to have a "brown stripe" in the middle of the off white wings.. They tend to fly at night and prefer to rest in poorly lit areas during the day. The mature larvae are about 1/2 inch long and dirty white in color. The larvae feed on all kinds of grains and grain based products i.e. seeds, dog food, crackers, candy, nuts and virtually all other dried food stuffs around the home. When the larvae are ready to pupate, they will leave the food source and wander about in search of a suitable place in which to spin their silken cocoons.

Control: The standard procedure for controlling all pantry pests is as follows:

Discard all infested materials and clean the infested cabinets. After the cabinets have been cleaned a light hand spraying of the cabinets with the appropriately labeled pesticide is very effective in eliminating an infestation. All new materials should be stored in containers with tight fitting lids. Monroe Pest Control Co., Inc. can eliminate a infestation in one visit and we warranty our work.

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