Do you guarantee your work? 
Yes, all of of our work comes with a full warranty.

Are your materials safe? 
All products are approved for use by the Environmental Protection Agency and when used according to label directions present no significant health risk. Material Safety Data Sheets for all of our products are available upon request.

Do I need monthly service for my home? 
No, a thorough twice a year service (Spring/Fall) that coincides with peak levels of pest activity is sufficient.

Do I have to sign a contract for pest control services in my home or business? 
No. Monroe Pest Control, Inc. does not require a customer to sign binding contracts. You may cancel our services at any time for any reason.

My neighbor had a termite treatment done on their home. Do I have anything to be concerned about? 
You should have your home inspected to be sure you do not have a termite infestation in your home. Termites are subterranean (they have colonies in the ground) and tend to be widespread in some areas but not others. If your neighbor has termites it means they are present in the soil where you live and you have a good reason to be concerned.

How do you get rid of termites? 
There are several different techniques that we use to eliminate termites from a structure. It will be necessary to inspect the house first to determine the best method for your particular situation. There is no charge for the inspection and estimate.

I have been seeing big black ants in and around my home. What are they and can they do damage to my home? 
These are most likely carpenter ants and while not as voracious as termites they are classified as a wood-destroying insects. They will often times chew the wood to make hollow "galleries" in their efforts to establish a suitable nesting site. They are often found in areas of the structure where moisture exists, as this wood is much easier for them to attack.

Can I take care of my pest problems myself? 
In some instances, yes. Retail products that are available, if used properly, can control pest issues. In other cases a professional pest control operator, who will be in possession of equipment and materials that are not available to the average person, will be better suited to address the your needs.

How do I keep mice out of my home? 
Since mice can squeeze through the tiniest of cracks and are excellent climbers, complete exclusion is often not possible. Obvious openings can be caulked and steel wool can be used to plug visible gaps. Typically an effective control program involves trapping or baiting mice once they have entered the structure.


Is there anything that can be done for box-elder bugs? 
Yes. These black and red insects come onto the structure in large numbers in the fall as they attempt to find a suitable harborage site to spend the winter. An exterior application of a residual insecticide in the fall will dramatically reduce the number of insects that will gain access to the structure.

I have little orange and black ladybugs all over my home. What can I do about them?
These are Asian ladybeetles. They, like boxelder bugs, come onto homes in large numbers in the fall as they attempt to find a suitable harborage site to spend the winter (usually on the sunny side of the home). In the spring you may see them inside the home as they start to emerge. An exterior application of residual insecticide when they first come onto the home in the fall will greatly reduce the number that survives the winter.