Termite Services

Termites in Northwest Indiana are subterranean meaning they live within the soil. They are small, white wood destroying insects divided into three castes (worker, soldier and reproductive) that perform different duties for colony survival. Termites are typically discovered by finding evidence of shelter tubes, “swarmers” or damaged wood.

Termites attack structures using shelter tubes that are a direct connection between the soil and a termites food source (cellulose based material). They are constructed of soil, fecal matter and particles of a food source. Termites use these as protection from predators, maintain grooming/feeding practices, and to provide a constant source of moisture.

Seeing “Swarmer Termites” is the most common way that homeowners discover they have termites within the home. Typically emerging in the spring after a few days of rain, these termites resemble flying ants to the untrained eye. The presence of these termites is a key indication of a mature termite colony with the home. 

No home is termite proof, even newer built homes. The most common way termites attack structures is through cracks in a structure. Some are natural (expansion cracks), and others are from wear over time (missing grout/cracks in the foundation).

Think you may have termites? Monroe Pest Control Inc. has been specializing in termite elimination for nearly 100 years. We offer free estimates and conduct an onsite inspection to determine the best method of action for your home. A full-year warranty is included upon completion of services and is renewable annually. Call Now!