Mosquito and Tick Services


Whether it is a pest control or lawn care company you hire to provide mosquito management, the treatment method is essentially the same. A fine “mist” or light “fog” of an EPA-approved insecticide is directed to the shaded areas around the perimeter of your house and yard to control adult mosquitos who seek out harborage and resting sites.

Treatment efforts are focused on common areas adult mosquitoes rest such as below decks, shrubbery, bushes, ground foliage, wood lines, etc. A thorough application to these key areas will eliminate resident mosquitos on the day of treatment and continue to repel others for approximately 2 weeks.


This application is premature and unnecessary until adult mosquitos have emerged from their pupal stage and migrated into these areas. It does not “prevent” mosquito activity since there are typically no adult mosquitos in Northern Indiana until May.

It is wise to redirect the money that some companies would have you spend in early spring and aggressively target the key areas around your home beginning in May and extending through September.

Since environmental conditions fluctuate from year to year the exact date of adult mosquito emergence and eventual decline will vary slightly each year. For this reason, we may begin our management program early to mid-May and extend it into October at the individual preference of each client.


It is quite typical that lawn care companies offer “add-on” mosquito services at a discounted rate based on the fact that they are already on site multiple times throughout the season. In the instances where the client agrees to receive both services, it is often the case that the mosquito application will suffer in quality.

Impending rains and high winds that do not affect lawn care operations are not conducive to quality mosquito management which relies on airborne insecticides to settle into targeted areas. Having two separate exterior applications that are both dependent on weather can be problematic. Most lawn care companies are reluctant to incur scheduling inefficiencies as long as the lawn care portion of the service can be rendered.

A pest control company that only concerns themselves with mosquito management and customer satisfaction in this area, will adjust the service schedule and provide the treatment when environmental conditions are suitable for maximum control.

Community-Wide Mosquito Control

This treatment method is for communities/subdivisions that do not have access to mosquito services provided by the city in which they reside. This also extends into areas such as parks, golf courses, hiking trails, and many more areas.

Special Events

We also offer one-time treatments for special events such as weddings, open houses, parties, and other outdoor events.

Tick Management

Similar to mosquito management in treatment aspects, adult ticks typically emerge closer to March as temperatures become consistently above freezing. Due to this, programs are typically started in late March to early April.


If mosquito populations decline during the April-October treatment dates or if a client fails to experience the value of the program for any reason, they are free to suspend treatments at any time without penalty.