Residential Services

Monroe Pest Control Inc. has two service plans, Exterior Perimeter and Exterior Perimeter to include the inside, that can be rendered as needed or twice per year (Spring/Fall Package) for maximum results.

Pests covered under these service plans include (but are mot limited to): Ants, Spiders, Wasps, Stinkbugs, Beetles, Carpenter Bees, Earwigs, Boxelder Bugs, and More!

Spring/Fall Service Package

Monroe Pest Control, Inc. has many clients who understand that the warmer months of the year bring a degree of pest issues. They are regular clients who schedule preventative treatments to keep these common pests from foraging or nesting in their homes.

We recommend a twice-per-year service that coincides with peak levels of pest activity. Our SPRING/FALL PACKAGE is extremely popular and our clients have expressed tremendous satisfaction not only with the results but also with the fact that they do not have to sign a contract.

*Spring Service

Our spring service coincides with rising temperatures (March-June) that cause insects to become increasingly active. As these emerging insect populations forage for food and seek suitable harborage areas for reproduction they are encountered in and around the structure.

*Fall Service

As evening temperatures begin to drop (mid-August-October) insects will begin seeking suitable sites for the purposes of overwintering. The spring service will no longer be effective in repelling this migration requiring that the house once again be treated.

Many of our clients request rodent control during this service given the fact that mice will often move into the structure at this time as well.


Exterior Perimeter (EP) Full Warranty Option

Application of a high-quality residual insecticide to all key areas around the exterior perimeter the structures(s). Treatment provides excellent control for numerous common crawling insects, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, wasps, spiders, etc.

Treatments are performed with our truck mounted “power spraying” units which allow us to apply the insecticide under pressure at appropriate volumes. In this manner we can thoroughly treat mulch, rock and grass at grade level where crawling insects’ nest and forage.  We are also able to reach high peaks, eaves and decks for wasps, spiders and carpenter bees.


  • Customer satisfaction. This is our most popular and effective residential service plan. Treatments are provided at the two key times of the year (spring/fall) when insect activity is at its peak.
  • Safety. All products used are low toxicity and EPA approved.
  • Full year warranty. We will return at no additional charge to address pest issues that may occur in between regularly scheduled visits. This includes “spot treatments” to the interior as well as exterior.
  • Easy scheduling. You do not need to be home on the day of treatment. *Clients who need to be home on the day of service will be contacted in advance for scheduling.
  • Easy payment. Credit cards are kept on file and ran only after the service is rendered. Clients who pay for the spring and fall service services in advance receive a discount on the total cost.

Exterior Perimeter (EP) to Include the Inside

Many of our clients choose to supplement the exterior perimeter treatment with an interior application of a non-staining, no odor residual insecticide. Key insect foraging/access areas along baseboards, entryways, utility lines, windows, garages, etc. are treated with a no odor liquid insecticide to provide an additional measure of control.