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Identification: The saw toothed grain beetle is about 1/8" long and brown in color. The saw tooth grain beetle gets its name from the saw like teeth on each side of the porthorax.

Habits: The female sawtooth grain beetle can lay up to 285 eggs within an infested food. The life cycle typically requires 30-40 days resulting in large populations in a short time. When large populations develop adults are forced to leave in search of other food sources. The sawtooth grain beetle will attack a wide variety of dry goods but will mainly infest cereals, rice, flour cake mixes, pastas & nuts.

Control: The standard procedure for controlling all pantry pests is as follows: Discard all infested materials and clean the infested cabinets. After the cabinets have been cleaned a light hand spraying of the cabinets with the appropriately labeled pesticide is very effective in eliminating an infestation. All new materials should be stored in containers with tight fitting lids. Monroe Pest Control Co., Inc. can eliminate a infestation in one visit and we warranty our work.

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