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Yellow Jackets and Hornets are of the same family of wasps and have many similarities. Both build large, football-shaped paper nests. Both are very aggressive when disturbed by humans and can inflict serious stings, sometimes requiring immediate medical treatment if the stings re numerous or the person is hypersensitive to bee stings. These wasps are most active during sunny days and return to the nest after dusk.

Identification:Yellow jackets can be divided into two categories: aerial nesters and ground nesters. Ground nesters build their carton-type nest in abandoned rodent burrows, etc., while aerial nesters build the same carton-type nest in wall voids, attics, crawlspaces, etc. While these nests differ in location, they are alike in the fact that they are not built in the open where visible. Hornets on the other hand build nests either in trees and bushes or attach them to the side of a structure such as a house or commercial building, making them readily visible. These are the classic, football shaped paper nests you will see hanging in trees after the leaves fall. Most people encounter underground yellow jacket nests and aerial hornet nests by accident, while either mowing the grass or doing yard work, the nest becomes disturbed, and these aggressive wasps will attack in great numbers.

Control:If you plan on trying to kill and remove a yellowjacket or hornet nest by yourself there are several things to keep in mind:

  • Workers return to the nest by dark, so that is the best time to treat them.
  • Wear Protective clothing such as rip-stop nylon, a bee bonnet or veil, and heavy gloves.
  • Tape wrists and ankle cuffs to keep insects out of sleeves and pant legs.
  • Move slowly and with caution. Quick movements will be met with aggressive behavior!
  • Make sure to have enough materials on hand to complete the job the first time, keeping in mind a nest may consist of 1000's of hornets or yellowjackets. (Wading into a nest of angry hornets for a second treatment is no fun and dangerous)

As previously stated, these insects can be very dangerous to you and your family members.  If you would like guaranteed results with no risk to yourself, call us at Monroe Pest Control Company, Inc. and we will respond promptly and, as always, warranty our work.

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