Cicada Wasps

Identification: Cicada wasps are 1-1 5/8" in length. They are black to dark brown in color with yellow markings on the abdomen.

Habits: Cicada wasps are solitary in nature, but several may use the same general area to nest. Female Cicada wasps dig a burrow up to 10" deep, finds a cicada and stings it. She will then place the paralyzed cicada in the burrow and deposit an egg on top of it. Once the egg hatches the larva will feed on the cicada. While these wasps are intimidating due to their size, the female will not sting unless handled or stepped on with bare feet. The male wasp will "buzz" people but are incapable of stinging.

Control: The best method for control is to use the properly labeled dust or liquid insecticide and apply directly into their holes. Monroe Pest Control Inc. specializes in riding these insects from your home. We offer free estimates, and a full warranty is granted upon completion of services.


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