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Identification:  The adult honey bee is about 1/2-5/8" in length.  They are generally a shade of orange and brown, with hairs covering their body.

Habits:  Honey bees may swarm in the springtime where the entire colony looks for a nesting location.  The nest or hive will be located in a hollow tree, a wall void, attic, or some other area protected from the weather.  Honey bees are not aggressive, but are very defensive if something threatens the colony.

Control:  Contacting a beekeeper interested in removing the bees alive is the preferred method of control.  If honey bees must be killed the safest way to eliminate a nest is to treat it at night or after dusk.  An appropriately labeled pesticide is applied into the entry point until the buzzing sound has ceased.  A residual powder is then applied to the entry point and the surrounding area to prevent other honey bees from entering.  It is then necessary to remove the honey from the nest.  Honey left in a wall or attic will attract another colony of honey bees or other insects.  Monroe Pest Control Co., Inc. will eliminate your honey bee activity and we warranty our work.

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