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Identification: An adult Powder Post Beetle is 3/32” to 7/32” in length and reddish brown to black in color.

Habits: Powder Post Beetles undergo complete metamorphosis. Eggs are laid on the surface of infested wood, larvae feed and bore into the wood, make their way to the surface during the pupal stage and finally, emerge as adults. Their damage can be described as small pin holes with powder protruding similarly as a “bird shot” pattern. These insects need a certain degree of moisture content within the wood to survive, which is why they are commonly found in wet/damp crawl spaces (usually dirt floored) or basements.

Control of a Powder Post Beetle infestation is composed of two components; moisture control coupled with a residual insecticide applied directly to the areas of activity. Think you may have Powder Post Beetles compromising the structure of your home? Monroe Pest Control Inc. specializes in riding these insects from your home. We offer free estimates, and a full warranty is granted upon completion of services.


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