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Identification: Carpenter Ants vary in size from 1/4 to 1/2 inch in length, are black in color and have a single node between their thorax and abdomen.

Habits: Carpenter ants primarily nest in trees, but they may establish satellite nests inside of structures. They do not eat wood, they just hollow out "galleries" in the wood for nesting sites. In the spring as temperatures warm the carpenter ants become more active seeking new sites for satellite colonies and foraging great distances for new food sources. Carpenter ants sometimes over winter inside of a structure in structural timbers, flooring, hollow core doors, etc. If ants are found in the home during the winter there is most likely a nest in the structure. One of the tell tale signs of a carpenter ant nest is the piles of "frass" or course wood shavings they leave behind when hollowing out the galleries.

Control: The best method to control the carpenter ants is to find the nest and treat it directly with the properly labeled pesticides. Many companies use a carpenter ant infestation to sell a monthly or bi-monthly service. This is unnecessary. Monroe Pest Control Co. Inc. can rid you of a carpenter ant infestation, usually in one trip and we warranty our work.

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