For those who take pride and invest heavily in the appearance of their home, lawn and gardens, the appearance of mounds and ridges due to a mole infestation is extremely frustrating. Their foraging tunnels disfigure well-manicured grass, dislodge and injure plant roots and facilitate the germination of weed seeds.


Moles feed mainly on earthworms and beetle grubs both of which thrive in lawns and mulch gardens where regular watering and fertilizing are conducive to their presence. It is for this reason that well- maintained grounds will always be highly attractive to moles and why you may wish to consider a regular maintenance plan to control them.


Moles are very aggressive and quite capable of tunneling over 100 ft. in one day searching for worms and grubs. It is this behavior that ultimately makes them vulnerable. They are also highly prolific and territorial which means that after they are eliminated from their preferred feeding/foraging grounds, new moles will take their place.


We recommend a once per month service beginning in spring/summer and extending to the end of October to keep these destructive pests under control. Although total elimination is unrealistic due to their propensity to invade from adjacent properties and wood lots, effective control and customer satisfaction is the typical result of a well implemented service plan.


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