Ants, Wasps, Ticks and Termites have all survived the mild winter and are on the move early! Treating attics for Wasps, yards for Ticks and houses for Ants and Termites are almost unheard of at this time of the year, but with the temperature above freezing most of this winter, it has become part of the common theme.

Additional effects of the mild winter relating to insect development is that more generations form in the spring producing greater infestations lasting through the season. This also leads to early emergence, longer life and more damage caused by Carpenter Bees and Ants.

Our Tick program, usually starting in mid-April, will begin earlier this year to provide home owners protection from these unwanted parasites. Outstanding control is achieved by thoroughly treating the breeding, nesting and foraging areas around the perimeter of the house and yard.
To combat the early emergence of Carpenter Bees, Ants, Wasps, and other common crawling insects, we offer our popular Spring Service. Technicians will treat all key areas inside the home as well as along the exterior. For clients who desire year-round protection, we offer our Spring/Fall Package, where services are rendered twice per year at the most optimum times.

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