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Subterranean Termites and Their Castes

There are four types of termites in the United States. Due to the harsh winter conditions, only one can survive in NW Indiana. The subterranean termites live within the soil and feed on cellulose based materials. Essential to the eco system, they become a problem when they start to forage into man made structures. They are social insects divided into three castes which serve a different purpose in the survival of the colony.

The worker termite accounts for the majority of the population. They are small, blind, creamy white in appearance and have hardened mouth parts adapted for chewing. Their duties include foraging, building and maintaining shelter tubes and nesting as well as feeding and grooming other colony members.

Soldier termites represent a small portion of the colony. They are similar in appearance to the worker but have enlarged heads with two large mandibles. Their only function in life is to protect the colony from invaders.

The last and most important caste is the reproductive. They are responsible for the growth and establishment of new colonies. Dur

ing the spring, they will “swarm” in search of a new nest. Most of the swamers will not survive, but under optimal conditions, they mate and lay eggs. Homeowners see this caste the most due to the mass amounts of swarmers present. They will care for the first larvae produced until there are enough workers present to depend on.

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