Spring is finally here! The windows are open, the grass is green, motorcycles are rumbling and the bugs are on the move. Small ants are on the kitchen counters, big black carpenter ants are cruising through the house, spiders and wasps are stirring……… you get the picture. Many homeowners find that they have a need for pest control at this time of year and seek to hire a pest control professional.

At this point a pest control company is contacted, an appointment is set for an evaluation/estimate and shortly afterwards a salesman arrives. Be advised that not all salesmen are created equal! There are those who come to actually identify the prospective client’s needs and offer them a practical solution and there are those who come with set agenda to lock the homeowner into an annual service contract. The latter approach is typically the result of a corporate directive set by executives who possess a strong sense for business but who are far removed from actual field work. The salesmen themselves are merely an extension of this ideology and are well trained in sales techniques but in most cases they too have limited experience with actually controlling pests. This sales approach guarantees the pest control company a steady source of revenue and an annual client, but it most often does not present the best solution to the pest issue.

At Monroe Pest Control Co. Inc. we believe the best way to serve and retain clients is to build a relationship. That starts with an honest assessment of the pest issue by an individual with many years of field experience to his credit. The subsequent development of a service plan is based on our professional recommendations and considers the actual needs of the prospective client.

Many of our customers experience pest issues that can be solved with a one-time service and do not require ongoing and unnecessary follow-up treatments. Others recognize the value of a preventative pest control program and hire us more regularly to control ants, wasps, spiders, etc. Our courteous office staff contacts our clients to schedule services on their terms and we coordinate treatment times to correspond with peak levels of insect activity.

We do make contracts available for those who wish to have the terms of the pest control agreement and warranty in writing. There are those who are more comfortable with this approach although it is seldom requested. We respond quickly to emergency service calls that may occur during the warranty period not because we have issued a written warranty but as a matter of good business and to retain the trust of our clients.

We take great pride in our customer retention rates which is strong evidence that an honest approach and a handshake is more than sufficient to build a long term relationship. We have found that this approach to pest control is extremely popular with our clients, makes perfect sense and is far more effective than a signed contract.