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Identification: The house fly is about 1/4" long and a dull gray in color.  They have four longitudinal black stripes down their back.

Habits:  The house fly is the most common fly found around the home.  The female lays 75-150 eggs per batch.  The eggs will be laid in almost any warm, moist material with sufficient food for larval development.  The adults tend to rest less than five feet from the ground at night, usually near their daytime food source.

Control:  The best methods for controlling house flies is a combination of mechanical control, sanitation, and chemical methods.  Step one would be to have tight fitting screens and good weather stripping to prevent them from getting in.  In addition, practicing good sanitation, remove garbage, and clean trash cans. Finally, any remaining flies can be eliminated using the appropriately labeled aerosol.  Monroe Pest Control Co., Inc.  can eliminate an infestation and we warranty our work.

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