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Identification: Bed bugs are 3/16" long, oval, and flat insects. They are generally brown to reddish brown in color.

Habits: Bed bugs are often found in the seams of bedding, but also find harborage in crevices of headboards, baseboards, and other furniture. They are mostly nocturnal and emerge to feed while the host is in deep REM sleep. Bed bugs are often introduced into a home via used furniture or “dropped off” from a person living in an infested area. A tell-tale sign of bed bugs is finding little black dots or “blood spots” on common harborage areas.

Control: Due to the elusiveness of the bed bug and the difficulty of eliminating an infestation it is best to contact a professional to solve the problem. Monroe Pest Control Inc. can eliminate your bed bug infestation and offer a warranty upon completion of services.

How to prepare your home for a Bedbug Treatment

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