Mild Winter Leads to More Insects

Ants, Wasps, Ticks and Termites have all survived the mild winter and are on the move early! Treating attics for Wasps, yards for Ticks and houses for Ants and Termites are almost unheard of at this time of the year, but with the temperature above freezing most of this winter, it has become part of the common theme. Additional effects of the mild winter relating to insect development is that more generations form in the spring producing greater infestations lasting through the season. This also leads to early emergence, longer life and more…continue reading →

Just say no to service contracts!

Spring is finally here! The windows are open, the grass is green, motorcycles are rumbling and the bugs are on the move. Small ants are on the kitchen counters, big black carpenter ants are cruising through the house, spiders and wasps are stirring……… you get the picture. Many homeowners find that they have a need for pest control at this time of year and seek to hire a pest control professional. At this point a pest control company is contacted, an appointment is set for an evaluation/estimate and shortly afterwards a salesman arrives.…continue reading →


Fall in Indiana and Illinois is a wonderful time of year. Cooler temperatures provide a welcome relief from summer heat and humidity, leaves are beginning to turn and football season is underway. It is also the time of year when spider activity peaks and many homeowners seek the services of a pest control professional to provide relief from these intimidating pests.   Most species of spiders are simply common household pests and are not poisonous. Occasionally spider bites may cause mild pain, swelling and irritation but it is mostly their unsightly webbing around…continue reading →