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Identification: The adult American cockroach is about 1 3/8" -  2 1/8" long. They are generally reddish brown in color with a yellowish tint on the back of the head.

Habits: The female deposits her ootheca (egg sack) within four days of formation.  The ootheca will be deposited in a warm, humid location and contain 14-16 eggs.  Although American cockroaches are found in homes, it is much more common to find them in commercial properties such as restaurants, bakeries, and hospitals, where they usually infest food storage and preparation areas. It is also common to find them in sewers, steam tunnels, and storm drains.

Control: A hand spraying of the baseboards in the basement and a light dusting around drain pipes with the appropriately labeled insecticides is the best course of action.  Monroe Monroe Pest Control Co., Inc. has highly qualified personnel who will eliminate these cockroaches. We stand behind our work and offer a warranty with our services.

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