As the spring rains give way to the abundant sunshine and steady heat of mid- summer, wasp activity reaches its peak.  Paper wasps build a simple nest consisting of one layer of open cells called “combs.” These nests typically hang suspended from horizontal surfaces that include but may not be limited to window ledges, shutters, overhangs, swing sets, decks, fences, gazebos and porch roofs.

Stinging behavior is typically a defensive reaction that occurs when the wasps feel that the nest is threatened. Unfortunately human activity in the form of painting, power washing, roofing, window cleaning and recreation in the areas where nests exist provoke these attacks. Although wasp encounters can and do happen regularly in many different settings they occur most often on wooden decks.

Elevated decks are typically positioned to allow direct sunlight to reach most parts of the structure which brings humans and wasps together regularly. The vast sub structure and railings provide plenty of secluded and warm horizontal surfaces for nest building. Disturbance on deck boards and hand railings resulting from the movement of chairs, walking, sweeping, flower care and entertaining account for most instances of paper wasps attacks every summer.

We were hired last year to provide wasp control services for a client who agitated a nest when he set the lid to his Weber grill on the deck railing one evening. A medium sized nest had developed near the grill and the vibration that occurred when the lid was placed directly over the wasps provoked an aggressive “swarming” reaction from the wasps.

Since most homeowners are reluctant allow a few wasps to keep them from enjoying their decks they typically seek some form of pest control when these encounters persist. Some will purchase over the counter products and “spot treat” known and exposed nesting sites while others will hire a pest control professional to provide a more thorough application.

Monroe Pest Control Co. Inc. provides an exterior treatment to homes and decks that will eliminate existing wasp nests and repel future infestations. Our application equipment allows us to reach and effectively treat all areas of the house and deck providing outstanding control for up to 60 days. Since we use a general insecticide that is effective on numerous other pests our “wasp clients” also enjoy control of carpenter ants, spiders, earwigs, etc.

We offer our exterior service as a remedial treatment when the wasps develop nesting sites but also as a preventative measure.  Many of our regular clients understand in advance that warm sunshine on wooden decks will result in annual wasp activity each summer to some degree.

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