Fall in Indiana and Illinois is a wonderful time of year. Cooler temperatures provide a welcome relief from summer heat and humidity, leaves are beginning to turn and football season is underway. It is also the time of year when spider activity peaks and many homeowners seek the services of a pest control professional to provide relief from these intimidating pests.


Most species of spiders are simply common household pests and are not poisonous. Occasionally spider bites may cause mild pain, swelling and irritation but it is mostly their unsightly webbing around the home that motivates people to initiate control procedures. Often it is the disturbing experience of being “faced” (i.e. walking into an unseen spider web) that causes most people to declare war on the fall spider!


Spiders have spent the entire summer feeding and often have become rather large by the time they begin spinning fall webs. They are attracted to the warmth of the home as evening temperatures begin to drop and they find excellent ambush sites for flying insects around light fixtures, decks, doorways and windows. For those who live on or near lakes where the flying insect numbers are extraordinarily high, large spider webs may be encountered daily.


Ground dwelling spiders are quite common at this time of year as well and they are often noted building “ground webs” along landscape timbers, in bushes and on the lawn itself. These spiders are regularly noted in basements and screened in porches where they build webs along the baseboards most often in the corners. The webbing from these spiders is much thicker than the intricate webs that are weaved by common spiders and they can be spotted from long distances.


Control procedures typically involve a very thorough exterior and interior application with an approved insecticide. Although they are technically arachnids and not insects, they are quite easily controlled with a high quality insecticide since they hang in corners and in webs and are most often totally exposed and vulnerable. While an initial “knockdown” is assured and customer satisfaction is outstanding, long term control for arachnids will typically last for a shorter period of time than with insects (30-45 days.)


Interior and exterior treatments for spiders are quite affordable and free on-site estimates are available upon request. The courteous office staff at Monroe Pest Control Co. Inc. will answer all your questions and schedule an appointment at your convenience.


Enjoy the beautiful colors, football season and a spider free living this fall!

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