Commercial Services

We at Monroe Pest Control Co. Inc. know that no two businesses are alike. Therefore we offer a variety of commercial services and tailor those services to meet the needs of each individual company. We offer timely and affordable services to control rodents, roaches, flies, ants, common crawling insects, birds and other occasional or seasonal pests. Types of Services Offered:

  • Weekly Pest Management
  • Bi-Monthly Pest Management
  • Monthly Pest Management
  • Quarterly Pest Management
  • "As Needed" Pest Management
  • Termite Elimination
  • Construction Pre-treats
  • Interior & Exterior Treatments
  • No-odor, Low-Toxicity Baiting Programs for Sensitive Accounts
  • School IPM Programs
What Type of Businesses Need Regular Pest Control?
  • Restaurants and Lounges
  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Dental and Doctor's Offices and Other Medical Facilities
  • Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores and Service Stations
  • Apartment Complexes, Business Offices and Warehouses
  • School Systems, Pre-Schools and Daycare Facilities
What to Expect From Monroe Pest Control:

  • Our commercial service technicians will be prompt and discreet when rendering inspections and treatments.
  • A full accounting of materials used, pests noted, inspection results and recommendations will be provided to our clients upon completion of each service.
  • Emergency service calls will be provided in between our regularly scheduled treatment/inspection dates, at no additional charge.