Free Estimates

Our knowledgeable office staff at Monroe Pest Control, Inc. will often be able to quote price ranges over the phone based on your pest issue. For commercial and residential clients who require or prefer an on-site assessment we will schedule an appointment and submit exact pricing at no charge.

Termite Services

Monroe Pest Control, Inc. has been specializing in termite elimination for over 80 years. We will conduct an on-site inspection of the infested structure, determine the best method to eliminate the termites and submit a free estimate.

Upon completion of our termite services we offer a full warranty that may be renewed annually and is transferrable to new owners if you should sell your home.

Commercial Services

Monroe Pest Control, Inc. regularly services a wide variety of commercial clients to control insects and rodents. We offer monthly, quarterly or twice per year services depending on the nature of the business and the level of pest prevention desired.

Commercial clients include but are not limited to, industrial buildings, warehouses, shopping malls, hospitals, health care facilities, retirement homes, restaurants, taverns, grocery stores, professional buildings, schools, grocery stores, government buildings, etc.

Monroe Pest Control, Inc. offers free on site estimates for prospective commercial clients in order to assess their needs and develop an effective treatment program.

We also offer Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs for schools, food processing and child care facilities. These service plans rely heavily on inspection, exclusion, monitoring and trapping in order to minimize pesticide usage.

Residential Services

Monroe Pest Control, Inc. offers as needed or preventative services to our residential clients who typically experience wide ranging pest issues. They include (but are not limited to) carpenter ants, small ants, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, spiders, ground beetles, earwigs, mites, lady beetles, box-elder bugs, rodents, bats, bed bugs, etc.

For common crawling and flying insect issues, Monroe Pest Control, Inc. thoroughly treats the interior and exterior of the home using only EPA approved materials applied by experienced and licensed service technicians.

As Needed Services

Monroe Pest Control, Inc. has many repeat customers as well as new clients who contact us each year to perform remedial services when a pest issue is discovered. We schedule a prompt service, eliminate the existing pest issue and offer a full warranty.

Upon elimination of an existing pest issue many of our clients choose a pro-active approach and take advantage of our preventative service plan (see below.)

Residential Preventative Services – Spring/Fall Services Package

Monroe Pest Control, Inc. has many clients who understand that the warm months of the year bring a wide variety of pest issues. They are regular customers who schedule preventative treatments to keep these common pests from foraging or nesting in their homes.

We recommend a twice per year service that coincides with peak levels of pest activity. Our SPRING-FALL SERVICE PACKAGE is extremely popular and our clients have expressed tremendous satisfaction not only with the results, but also with the fact that they do not have to sign a contract.

*Spring Service 

Our spring service coincides with rising temperatures (March-June) that cause insects to become increasingly active. As these emerging insect populations forage for food and seek suitable harborage areas for reproduction they are encountered in and around the structure.

*Fall Service

As evening temperatures begin to drop (mid-August-October) insects will begin seeking suitable sites for the purposes of overwintering. The spring service will no longer be effective in repelling this migration requiring that the house once again be treated.

Many of our clients request rodent control during this service given the fact that mice will often move into the structure at this time as well.

Customized Residential Services

While we recommend a twice per year, inside-outisde service, many of our clients wish to hire us to perform services more regularly to ensure a higher degree of pest prevention. For our “low tolerance” customers we offer tri seasonal as well as monthly services.

We also offer exterior only treatments, interior only services and “spot treatments” to satisfy the individual needs of our clients.

Mosquito Services

Our Mosquito Management Program includes treatment of mosquito resting and breeding sites such as foliage, tree lines, low spots that collect water and other harboring sites for mosquito activity. This program is a bi-monthly application starting in July and ending in September when the mosquitos are active and is designed for clients that want to enjoy their outdoor experience during the summer.

Treatments are also available for one time events such as parties and open houses