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Identification:  The brown recluse spiders are a tan to dark brown in color, and about 1/4 - 1/2" long.  The most distinguishing ways to identify this spider is the fiddle shaped marking on the top of the head.

Habits:  The brown recluse gets its name because of its reclusiveness.  These spiders are often found under rocks, woodpiles, and in utility boxes when outdoors.  When found indoors, they are usually found in boxes, unused clothing, and the crevices of baseboards and door moldings.  The brown recluse spider is extremely uncommon to our region and is usually transported here by an individual returning from the southern states.  The bite of this spider is very dangerous.  If bitten by one, catch the spider if possible and contact a physician immediately.

Control:  The best method for the control of spiders should begin with an exterior treatment, with an appropriately labeled residual pesticide, as well as, an interior spray around doors and windows and spider harborage areas.   If you encounter theses spiders, Monroe Monroe Pest Control Co., Inc. has highly qualified personnel who will eliminate these pests.  We stand behind our work and offer a full warranty with our services.

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