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Identification:  The adult male wood roach are 7/8-1 1/8" long, whereas the female is 1/2" - 7/8" long.  They are generally a chestnut brown in color.  The male is fully winged and a good flier, while the female has reduced wings that are functionless for flight.

Habits: Most commonly mistaken for a German cockroach, the woods roach is an outdoor insect that occasionally finds it's way indoors while foraging or when firewood is brought into the home. As their name implies, this species is commonly found in wooded areas, woodpiles, under the bark of old logs and sometimes under wooden shingles. The male of this species has functional wings and is a strong flier, especially when disturbed. They feed primarily on decaying organic material.  

Control:  An outdoor perimeter/barrier treatment with the appropriately labeled pesticide will provide the best results.  .  Monroe Pest Control Co., Inc. has highly qualified personnel who will eliminate these cockroaches.  We stand behind our work and offer a warranty with our services.

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